Extron Corporate Responsibility Statement

Extron is committed to conducting business in a manner that is compatible with our values of respect for the environment, employees, and our customers. Whether engineering and manufacturing innovative AV technologies, promoting sound environmental practices, or supporting our customers, Extron seeks to be a responsible member of the worldwide community. We are committed to upholding the following responsibilities and principles of good corporate citizenship.

Respect for the Individual

At Extron, we are guided by the principle that success in business is dependent on putting people first. We know that the success of our company has been a result of our commitment to be a benefit to our customers, our employees and their families, and the communities in which we operate.

Exton strives to create a workplace in which each of our employees can develop their ambitions and abilities, as well as actively realize their human potential. Toward those goals, we are committed to facilitating an environment in which each person involved in the development, production, distribution, sale, and service of our products has a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the company’s success and is treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Human Rights

Extron is dedicated to protecting, respecting, and promoting human rights. We do this through the avoidance of infringement on the rights of others and by working to address any adverse impacts on human rights within our sphere of influence. Extron is committed to conducting business in an ethical manner. We expect our employees, suppliers, and customers to share this commitment.

Working Conditions

Extron is dedicated to providing safe and fair working conditions for all employees and ensuring that every individual that helps to create our products and provides services to, and on behalf of, our company is treated with dignity and respect.

Child Labor

We will not employ any child who has not reached the legal age for work in the country and region where they live.

Forced Labor

We will not tolerate any form of human trafficking, involuntary servitude, slavery (or practices similar to slavery), debt bondage, or forced labor. This includes the transport, harboring, recruitment, transfer, or receipt of any persons through any form of force, coercion, deception, threat, abduction, or fraud for labor services.

Compensation and Working Hours

All wages paid for work performed, including any benefits, must be paid in compliance with local laws, including those related to minimum wages, legally mandated benefits, and overtime hours. Workers shall not be required to work more than the maximum hours of daily labor set by local laws.

Harassment and Discrimination

Extron does not tolerate harassment or discrimination toward any of its employees, customers, vendors, or suppliers. Any form of discrimination that violates federal, state, or local law, including, but not limited to discrimination related to an individual’s race, religion, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, age, marital status, military veteran status, family status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or gender identity is a violation of this policy and will be treated as a disciplinary matter. For these purposes, the term “discrimination” includes unequal treatment, slurs, and any other offensive remarks, jokes and other verbal, graphic, or physical conduct.

Freedom of Association

Extron encourages open and direct communication with all employees regarding working conditions without fear of reprisal, intimidation, or harassment. Maintaining dialogue between employees and management deepens communication and understanding, making it possible to build stronger relationships of mutual trust. In accordance with local laws, employees have the right to associate freely, and join—or choose not to join—labor unions or workers’ councils.

Health & Safety

Extron is committed to ensuring a safe work and healthy working environment in each of our facilities through the use of innovative programs that meet or exceed federal and state regulations.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Extron requires suppliers to sign a statement that they will comply with Extron’s Supplier Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct forbids the use of child labor, forced labor, involuntary prison labor, indentured servitude, or labor from the victims of human trafficking or slavery.

Extron employs a team of Supplier Quality Engineers that routinely audit our international suppliers for compliance with Extron Quality, Manufacturing, and Supplier policies. A record will be kept of these audits in the Extron International Purchasing Department. Audits will not be conducted by a third party.

Extron has, as a part of the Supplier Code of Conduct, consequences for violation of the Code. These include the requiring of a corrective action plan to mitigate violations of the code or the termination of the relationship with the violating supplier.

Extron will provide training to the Extron employees that have direct responsibilities for Supply Chain Management on eliminating the risks of human trafficking and slavery in the Extron Supply Chain of products and components.

Business Ethics and Compliance

As a global company, Extron seeks to comply to the highest standards of corporate behavior and ethical conduct.

Responsible Sourcing of Materials

Extron will not knowingly provide products that contain raw materials that in any way result from or involve human rights abuses, bribery, ethics violations or negative effects on the environment.

Extron fully supports the United States Conflict Minerals Trade Act (H.R.4128) and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (H.R.4173). “Conflict Minerals" refers to specific minerals originating from mines controlled by armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the immediately surrounding countries of Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Congo Republic, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. These specific minerals are used in certain semiconductor manufacturing processes and include tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold, often referred to as 3TG.

Dodd-Frank requires that public companies disclose whether their products contain conflict minerals. As a private company, Extron is not required to comply with these reporting requirements, but is making every reasonable effort to comply with the intent of this law and does not knowingly use these minerals in our products as specified by the Conflict Minerals Trade Act. We are working with our suppliers to understand the sources of the metals contained in the products that they sell to ensure that there are no conflict minerals in our supply chain.


Extron has zero tolerance for all forms of bribery, extortion, corruption, and embezzlement.


Extron is committed to safeguarding the information we receive from our employees, customers, and resellers. We act appropriately to respect privacy, to protect personal data against loss and unauthorized access or use, and to comply with relevant privacy and information security laws and regulations.

Fair Competition/Anti-Trust

Extron upholds fair and ethical business practices, making sure we promote competition, protect our customers’ interests, and avoid any situation that may create a conflict of interest.

Conflicts of Interest

Extron conducts business in a manner that avoids any appearance of impropriety.

Intellectual Property

Extron respects valid intellectual property rights and works to protect the rights of third parties while proactively acquiring rights to new intellectual property that we create during the normal course of operating our business.

Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

It is Extron policy to comply fully with all local rules and regulations, including applicable restrictions on the export or re-export of goods, software, services, and technology. We will comply with all restrictions on trade involving certain countries, regions, companies or entities and individuals.

Protection of Identity and Non-Retaliation

Extron will protect the confidentiality of and prohibits retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports or participates in the investigation of an actual or suspected violation of company policy or local laws. We have established processes that allow concerns to be raised anonymously and will vigorously investigate any allegation of retaliation.

Environmental Stewardship

Extron is committed to the promotion of human health and the preservation of the global environment in each phase of our business activity.

Material Recycling

Extron makes every effort to recycle materials and conserve resources and energy at every stage of our products’ life cycle—including engineering, design, production, sales, service, and disposal.

Conservation of resources and energy

Extron is always looking for new ways to reduce our consumption of resources and energy. We are focused on energy efficiency in both the types of products we produce and the methods we use to manufacture and distribute them.

Disposal of waste and contaminants

Extron makes every effort to minimize waste and contaminants, and to find appropriate methods of disposal for all waste and contaminants produced during the manufacture and distribution of our products.

Inclusion & Diversity

Extron upholds and seeks to honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, pregnancy, disability, military status, genetic information, marital status, or any other status protected by law. We celebrate diversity within the workforce by providing equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of their personal attributes and encouraging them to respect each other’s individual differences and talents while exerting their own abilities to the fullest.

Commitment to Principles

Through adherence to the above principles, Extron seeks to communicate our commitment to our employees, resellers, and customers, as well as to the communities in which we live and work. Further, we expect that any party conducting business with Extron will, to the best of their ability, embrace and uphold these principles.