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Extron Everlast Power Supplies are Engineered for Ultimate Reliability

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Anaheim, California (February 8, 2018) - Extron products are known to be the most dependable in the industry and a great deal of this exceptional reliability is due to our robustly engineered Everlast power supplies. Extron Everlast power supplies are designed in-house and use state-of-the-art technology and the highest-quality components to ensure reliability in all of our powered professional AV products. Based on actual accelerated operational life testing, Everlast power supplies are rated at an MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure of 280,000 hours up to an incredible 1,000,000 hours, or the equivalent of over 114 years. We manufacture our Everlast Power Supplies using premium-quality components and highly efficient, modern topologies for thermal management, transistor switching, energy dissipation, and virtually every other critical aspect of the power system.

"Power supply failures in mission-critical AV products can cause significant disruption to signal distribution and facility operations," says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "With the Everlast Series of high-performance power supplies, Extron is setting a new standard for reliability and efficiency in the pro AV industry."

Extron has such confidence in their power supply reliability that they have now extended the warranty period to seven years for all Everlast power supplies. Quality and reliability are two of the most important design criteria for every Extron product. The seven year power supply warranty is yet another example of Extron's commitment to stand behind their products and customers.

Extron provides 12 volt power supplies with many products, and when power supplies are shared, the unused power supplies are tossed aside and could end up in a landfill. Extron customers have asked for a way to trade in these unused power supplies. In response, Extron has created an exclusive Power Supply Trade-up Program for customers. For any combination of fifteen qualifying 12 volt PS Series power supplies returned on an authorized RMA, Extron will ship a new PS 124 Multiple Output 12 Volt DC Power Supply to the customer. The energy efficiency and remarkable longevity of Everlast Power Supplies help to meet green building requirements by lowering power consumption, reducing overall operating costs, and greatly reducing waste due to frequent field replacements.

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每天,全世界数以百万的人们都在采用 Extron 视音频信号处理、分配和控制解决方案。我们设计的高级技术能创建更美观的图像、更高品质的声音以及易于控制和可靠的系统。我们功能强大的资产管理工具能帮助技术专家们有效地管理企业和机构范围内的大量视音频系统。Extron 视音频技术解决方案可满足全球企业的各种需求,并广泛应用于公司、教育、政府、医疗、零售和娱乐环境。欲了解更多有关 Extron 的信息,请点击 here

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